Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sour Stomach Infant Is It Normal For 7wk Old Infant With Colic To Have Daily Pain/rolling Stomach B/c She Doesn't Go Liquid Poop?

Is it normal for 7wk old infant with colic to have daily pain/rolling stomach b/c she doesn't go liquid poop? - sour stomach infant

My daughter is 7 weeks baby has colic, and in the last 3 weeks before departure, not the bathroom, but it is not clogged. I went to the doctor and ER 1 hours and does not help. I could not miss it for the week said that breastfed babies can wait until you shit b / c, the inconsolable grief, if I did not. Shes breastfed regularly simethicone and glycerin suppository dr recc'd are up to 2 times per day, but still PXS. I tried to recc'd heartburn baking powder and sugar. I tried prune juice diluted as recc'd not help but. Try rubbing or pressure on the stomach does not like him, stroked his back, bouncing, holding, walk, white noise, vibration, dark room, try to diapers and feeding well. At the hut is fluid, but all their points on his stomach, writhing trunks and weeping and nothing comes out. If I wait 24 + hours to see if he goes, all that's left skid marks on the sofa, and is day and night without comfort. Suggestions?

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