Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Breast Cancer Alternative Therapy I Have Breast Cancer-stage III-w/BRCA2 Mutated Gene. I Have To Have A Complete Hystorectomey This Friday...?

I have breast cancer-stage III-w/BRCA2 mutated gene. I have to have a complete hystorectomey this Friday...? - breast cancer alternative therapy

3/28/08 - I am only 34 years. How do my ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus, I do not want hormones and breast cancer, a hormone that is obviously not? Has anyone an alternative - that is to take herbs, suggest that, in order to cool the hot flashes can? Since the chemotherapy I wanted through them, but my mother told me it gets worse! I went through hell and back, and try to reduce my number of symptoms, as far as possible! I have other breast removed because of my back next year for breast cancer gene mutation does not, and I hope that the chemotherapy treatment / cancer radition trip stopped by my lyphnodes.
Thank you sooo much for your help and
Breast Cancer and Support

Tiff = O)

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