Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nikon D60 Cameracasessmall How Do You Make A Light Painting With A Nikon D60 Camera?

How do you make a light painting with a Nikon d60 camera? - nikon d60 cameracasessmall

I wonder how to make a light box with a Nikon D60, I have little experience with cameras and do not know much about cameras, so you have to walk through me a little.

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  1. Things are first required.

    A distance-(Optional)
    Camera & Lens
    -Light Source (be creative here)
    Night-Time, or dark quarter / study.

    Set the camera on a tripod and pointed in a direction where there is very little light. I wish the tunnels, subways, etc., say, as always in the night, go to work. Adjust the camera until you can make an extension of the exhibition. I manually in the control mode. For the first time, with only 30 seconds exposure. You want the opening of about 5.6, but can be used f / 8 or smaller, if you want.

    You can use the remote control to trigger the shutter button or take just yourself. We recommend using the timer function so that you can use, at the time the shutter opens to start. Once the shutter is open, do it with their light source, what you want. Create shapes, lines, letters, numbers, roads, whatever. Experience is important. Be creative and find other painter of light (Flickr is a good place to start).

    The best light sources are LEDs, flashlights, torches, Fireworks safe (of course), Glowsticks, etc.