Monday, January 25, 2010

How To Test Local Area Connection Millions Of Packets Sent/received In Local Area Connection + Modem Lights!!! HELP!?

Millions of packets sent/received in Local Area Connection + modem lights!!! HELP!? - how to test local area connection

I have tried to close everything, buy a new PC and still encounter the same problem. The lights on my modem is almost always intermittent, if the screen to initiate connection to the LAN are thousands of packets sent at once (for example, was here 10 minutes. And a little over 1000. 000 packages were received and 300,000 sent. It has always been sending, but many at both ends. In addition, makes the things on my computer (games and internet) is slow, that j 've done so far; reformatted scans for viruses (adware, spyware, General, defragmentation, disk cleaning, etc.), nothing. "downloaded programs, the" Show Me "is what, where and nothing. I Time Warner Road Runner, I had to move the IT technician who repeatedly say, and:" Well, let me see you're online (nothing) "and give me a new ethernet cable and the modem again, I bought a Linksys router that tries wireless configuration disabled (cuz I do not need it) filtering every effort (the hope that showing support for the firewall, nothing.) My Speed Online Tests a great achievement (number of), but my ping and overall performance is terrible, and not vary (sometimse good, sometimes not) , and saw my received packets, where the hell is that? I shot some distance from the "Geek Squad", but I will not lose money because they think they will. This happened on two computers that I am in the two last week (yes, I bought) a new computer so I have more options, please give me something! Thank you in advance.

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  1. Wireshark installed on your computer and use it to collect and examine the package.