Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How To Cut Out Gundam Pieces Advid Modelmaker Needs Paint Tip Advice To Stop Making Mistakes.?

Advid modelmaker needs paint tip advice to stop making mistakes.? - how to cut out gundam pieces

Ok so I like picture Gundam models, I recently decided to work in a real start putting the painting in order to let them look more realistic.
So two problems that we are --

1. I like sprayers used much, because I can not afford an airbrush and commpressor, and the model that I did not have air bubbles under the paint and glanced spider web on the surface I have the model of the grinding areas, which have cut trees for a sleek look ready to ANOVA using putty and sanding to get rid of seams, but I have all these bubbles, it is what is causing the problem?

2. With a team of almost the seamto I can not stop to put my mark on the fingers if I do I collect Peices the model completely, because IDIDNT Closs and enoughor to dry up or a long coat for obvious reasons, because I much pressure on the Peices you collected.

3. I wondered if some advice anyones sewing lines to do too much pop with the help of the fine tip marker or markers fine tip Gundam, so when I applied as a coating iused Closs ran the scoreboard, and now I have big black spots everywhere.

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  1. 1.If not spray paint and a little back, so it provides a uniform surface and prevents air from the trap to sit.
    2. not enough time to dry