Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sample Wedding Site Welcome Message Audio Samples Of Classical Wedding Marches.?

Audio samples of classical wedding marches.? - sample wedding site welcome message

I am planning my wedding and had hoped to find an alternative to traditional marriage March. I have several suggestions on this site, but have failed to sites that can effectively provide extracts audio tracks. Supersite really hoping, "" listen to most of the alternatives. Suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!


  1. Samples traditional wedding marches, all located in one place! ...

    You can access the list of "keywords" type, with the arrow keys to "formal" and "marriage".


  2. I do not know a great site, but some of them here:

    My wedding was in March trumpet voluntary, but if I no longer am Handel's Water Music Finale.

    I Hate It Here Comes the Bride received from Wagner and knew that I have something different.

    Best wishes.

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