Friday, February 12, 2010

Pokemon Game Sheet Music Crystal Pokemon G/S/C SHEET MUSIC?

Pokemon G/S/C SHEET MUSIC? - pokemon game sheet music crystal

I'm looking for sheet music for piano music for several songs specific pokemon gold silver and crystal. The songs are listed:

Theme Tin Tower
Sprout Tower Theme
Rival Challenge
Rival Battle
Red / Lance Theme
Trainer Battle 1
Trainer Battle 2
Trainer Battle 3

If you want to know what is certainly some of this site. the same name, which I have published:

Make sure that the sites were SCORE! NO MIDIS or MP3! I had a lot of people needlessly responding to my questions with answers. Go ahead and give a good answer.
Thanks to all who give a correct answer.
Even if someone knows a good free music making programMac users to make remixes of songs, to please post.

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