Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kea Spaceship Has Anyone Used KEA Camper Vans? Or What Is Another Good Company To Use In New Zealand? Anyone Hired Spaceship

Has anyone used KEA camper vans? or what is another good company to use in New Zealand? anyone hired spaceship - kea spaceship

We had 15 days in a trailer in New Zealand in 2004. I recommend it. We found the car on the Internet for purchases. In our case, the person in the United Kingdom, where we live. This was useful because you for the advice before making a booking you can call and before you travel. I've heard, believe the KEA and no reason, they are not fair. It is a great way to see New Zealand.


  1. KEA, are absolutely fine. The alternatives are Britz, Maui and the Pacific horizon. All are excellent companies. Please contact your travel agent and can be booked for you and explain all the terms and obligations of the surplus.

  2. KEA, Maui and Britz are good companies, do not worry, its inhabitants are relatively similar prices.
    But if you some flexibility from time to time you check the link below, so the prices may surprise