Friday, November 27, 2009

Buy Camera Cases Perfect What Is The Value Of This Antique Movie Camera & Stuff?

What is the value of this antique movie camera & stuff? - buy camera cases perfect

Cine Kodak Eight Movie Camera Series seventies. My grandfather had this movie Movie House "and went to make films with him in 1934 (although I think I have a little bit before). Works perfect, has 6 extra cores not used in the new film, the original script , case and bracelet is original, the original instrument housings, and accessories for camera-original and a film splicer in its original box, which was sold to go with him (even though it was purchased a few months after the camera) . Whatever the case, but looks to new camera. The case is in good condition, some scratches when he went on many trips with his grandfather there for many years. What is the value for either a camera / film collector when you or sell you insurance? Who at the same addresses both? "I find no information on the Internet not. Can you help me?

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