Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mini Dune Buggy I Am Considering Buying Or Building A Dune Buggy- What Engines Are Feasible?

I am considering buying or building a dune buggy- what engines are feasible? - mini dune buggy

It will focus primarily on the street, but with frequent explosions on my local beach, but the trend is towards the street.

I once have the engine fuel economy and offers traditional buggy sound / feel, and I think it would be a bonus if she was stupid beginner friendly mechanic to work!

People have suggested a mini-motor, or a beetle or an old Ford ... Your opinion?

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  1. The problem we have here is that regulation is very strict, self - construction vehicles: the car must be roadworthy SVA tested, suggesting very carefully controlled and, therefore, necessary to provide that when you either build from scratch or a kit.
    This would be the choice of engine and transmission, because the emission standard.

    I was also able to buy and operate, or restore an existing vehicle (something where it has a registration number) to examine or to purchase a car kit in order. There are many kits to build to the sales people were tired, but make sure it is legal and can be SVA tested.

    To think long and hard about this: It's hard work but very rewarding.

    Newark PS Kitcar show THIS WEEKEND

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