Sunday, November 22, 2009

Congratulations Wording Baby My Friend Is Having A Baby, How Do I Make Her Feel Comfortable About It?

My friend is having a baby, how do I make her feel comfortable about it? - congratulations wording baby

A college friend is pregnant and even if it is a accitdent she went before the decision to proceed with the pregnancy and keep the baby. I'm really proud of her for taking responsibility for their actions, but I think to say congratulations, it is hard because it was really an accident that should have never happened. What I tell you that I'm there for them and their admiration for what shes doing, without looking at him like a hero shes pregnant? I fear that I am wrong and hurt their feelings (I'm) not only with words.


  1. Let them know it well, and I think they made the right choice. Theres nothing that can scare a girl, but shes thinking taking the wrong decision. Even if they do, it will be much easier to handle, and I am sure that after all the criticism and the sentence that is likely to face every day, you will go from a long way.

  2. Well, if you say at school, lying to the right thing by the baby is born, they have to leave the university.

    One could say that it is a pleasure, and since you're a terrific person, your baby will be a charming person with a carefree personailty like you, and be loved, of course!

  3. Mummy to be - 12th March 09 xxNovember 25, 2009 at 8:24 PM

    Tell him you are very proud to have them for the election, her baby, and anything we can do to help during pregnancy and a young mother!

    Congratulations not say the best thing, but not all bad, either because other people say it gunna anyway =]

    Good luck xx

  4. Show them the joy of a child. Videos on baby care, and if you know someone who has children to take to see their own films.

  5. Tell him what you wrote and I am sure you appreciate their help.