Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tiny Lola Models Was It Wrong To Spaz On My Bf For Almost Killing My Fish?

Was it wrong to spaz on my bf for almost killing my fish? - tiny lola models

I asked my friend to feed my fish, and later that day I saw Lola full bowl of food pellets! As a group of people who have a child if the grain. I started screaming and mad, how stupid would it be and what would be tiny fish need so much food. My fish in 2 or 3 tablets, 5 or 6 in the majority! I said, "a little", but not the exact amount, for a few weeks ago that nearly killed my father, the group of fish that has an outdoor pool. Then I told him how much fish food should be given. I thought he would have remembered this incident. He did so, not much, but I had Lola since October and has been for me. Yes, he is a man. It is purple and has the "light" of your stroke. It is my commitment to my fish crazy or someone else has the same feeling about your fish? Is it wrong for me to him scream? Had it not been so bad if Lola had a dog?


  1. A pet is a pet, regardless of the kind: and each one is a keeper in good stocks for your pet. I have a goldfish when I opened about 9-10 years free of a pet store in my neighborhood. 6-7 years later, when the goldfish died, I cried. I would say that his commitment to the fish is beautiful, and if protector is, of course.

    The fact that this happened before with a buddy with the fish eat your father, and it seems he does not care what they did wrong, I would say that the review has certainly justified the permanent. It should be common sense that a small fish did not need a handful of pellets. If you do not remember the incident happened before, it is likely that care is not easy. Or he did it on purpose? Of course this is only speculation, but no one knows.

    In both cases, but I would never dare tell him to his other animals, fish, dogs, food whatever.

  2. I think you should train your friend, it seems a little closer) Let him know that you do not love fish, but they respect what you do, that their days are numbered, their other half.

  3. It depends on how the supply of fish or groom.

    If you like the fish that the amount is very clear, as the BF diet.

    When BF loves you, should you have provided.

    If you love fish, and most of you love the least BF Boofah OUT!

    Or, if you like fish do not want to lose, and BF should be taken to clean the bowl and said something like:
    "Oh, it's far too much to eat. It will kill my fish. I said, you should not eat them when they can eat at least 5 more.

    If your BF cares about you, would apologies. You have heard, "OMG, I'm sorry not happen again"
    but can not be achieved, because when whipped.
    Do one of you draw?
    Good luck.

  4. One could say that he had done something wrong. hes her BF. And when Lola had a dog that could have been worse. Fish was not important

  5. One could say that he had done something wrong. hes her BF. And when Lola had a dog that could have been worse. Fish was not important