Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Standard Weightlifting Bar Weightlifting To Powerlifting Conversions?

Weightlifting to powerlifting conversions? - standard weightlifting bar

I am a weightlifter who wish to enter into weightlifting. I found that my posterior kinetic chain really my forte ... I think I can make better use if my goal is to compete in weightlifting.

General guidelines are also available for the conversion of 1 RM for elevators used standard, for example, if you believe that your bench press is 100% of 1 RM and its decline 105% of the UR and only 80% slope (as Indicative - naturally by the person)

Anyon I can an idea of how much you should be able to clean and squat jerk on the basis of my application / press shoulder?


Can someone tell me how can weighlifting relatively clean and jerk and squats?

I squatted 685 pounds, and I know it will take time to different movements of the train ... but want an idea?

Can someone me an idea before spending time in the gym to do it myself?

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